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Lect # 1
Content Covered:

Elasticity, Plasticity, Deforming force, The reason behind Elastic and Plastic behaviour, Restoring force, Stress, Longitudinal Stress, Shear Stress and Bulk Stress, Strain, Longitudinal Strain, Shear Strain, Bulk Strain. Hook’s law, Modulus of Elasticity, Young’s Modulus, Modulus of Rigidity, Bulk Modulus, Compressibility,

Duration: 41 Minutes

Lect # 2
Content Covered:

Variation of Strain with Deforming force, Elastic Limit, Yield point, Fracture point, elongation in wire due to self weight. Analogy with spring, Spring constant of a wire Elastic Potential energy stored in the deformed wire.

Duration: 25 Minutes

Lect # 3
Content Covered:

Viscosity, Velocity Gradient, Viscous Force, Stoke’s forces Terminal Velocity.

Duration: 28 Minutes


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