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Lect # 1
Content Covered:

Newton’s law of gravitation, gravitational field due to point mass, circular arc, circular ring, circular disc, long rod, infinite plate, hollow sphere and solid sphere

Duration: 43 Minutes

Lect # 2
Content Covered:

variation in acceleration due to gravity with height and depth, effect of rotation of earth, effect of shape of earth.

Duration: 27 Minutes

Lect # 3
Content Covered:

Gravitational potential, gravitational potential due to point mass, circular arc, circular ring, circular disc, hollow sphere, solid sphere, relation b/w gravitational field and gravitational potential .

Duration: 31 Minutes

Lect # 4
Content Covered:

Gravitational potential energy, P.E. of two point mass system, self energy of hollow sphere and solid sphere, miscellaneous examples.

Duration: 30 Minutes

Lect # 5
Content Covered:

Motion of satellite, orbital velocity, time period, energy of satellite, binding energy, escape velocity, geostationary satellite.

Duration: 26 Minutes

Lect # 6
Content Covered:

Kepler's laws, path of a satellite according to its projection velocity. Miscellaneous examples.

Duration: 47 Minutes


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