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Lect # 1
Content Covered:

Dalton atomic theory, isotope ,isobar, atomic mass, atomic mass unit amu, molecule, molecular mass

Duration: 41 Minutes

Lect # 2
Content Covered:

molar mass. Gram atomic mass, gram molecular mass, avogadro law

Duration: 48 Minutes

Lect # 3
Content Covered:

Relative atomic mass, relative density, vapour density, specific gravity, average atomic mass, average molar mass

Duration: 44 Minutes

Lect # 4
Content Covered:

Percentage composition, molecular formula, empirical formula, gay-lussac law

Duration: 30 Minutes

Lect # 5
Content Covered:

Stoichiometry, mole-mole analysis, combustion of hydrocarbon

Duration: 34 Minutes

Lect # 6
Content Covered:

limiting reagent, percentage yield , consecutive reaction

Duration: 39 Minutes

Lect # 7
Content Covered:

Principle of atomic conservation POAC

Duration: 37 Minutes

Lect # 8
Content Covered:

Numerical on analysis of mixture, law of mass conservation, law of definite proportions, law of multiple proportions, law of reciprocal proportions

Duration: 24 Minutes

Lect # 9
Content Covered:

Solution, solute , solvent, mole fraction, %w/w/,

Duration: 18 Minutes

Lect # 10
Content Covered:

%w/v, % v/v, strength of solution, molarity, molality, ppm

Duration: 35 Minutes

Lect # 11
Content Covered:

Interconversion of concentration terms

Duration: 46 Minutes

Lect # 12
Content Covered:

Molarity of pure water , volume strength of hydrogen peroxide solution, relation between volume strength and molarity

Duration: 35 Minutes

Lect # 13
Content Covered:

Silver salt method , Eudiometry

Duration: 38 Minutes

Lect # 14
Content Covered:

examples of eudiometry

Duration: 27 Minutes

Lect # 15
Content Covered:

Significant figure, rules for counting , rounding off, scientific notation, addition/subtraction, multiplication of significant figure

Duration: 42 Minutes


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