Structural Identification and POC


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Lect # 1
Content Covered:

Structural Identification, Degree of unsaturation (DU), Catalytic hydrogenation H2/cat, Monochlorination Cl2/hn

Duration: 29 Minutes

Lect # 2
Content Covered:

Structural Identification , Monochlorination Cl2/hv , Ozonolysis , Reductive ozonalysis , Oxidation ozonalysis , Practical organic chemistry (POC), POC-I , Lassaigne’s test, Elemental analysis

Duration: 54 Minutes

Lect # 3
Content Covered:

Elemental anlaysis , Test of unsaturation, Test of terminal alkyne , Test of alcohols , Test of carbonyl compounds , Tests of aldehydes

Duration: 35 Minutes

Lect # 4
Content Covered:

Iodoform Test, Sodium metal test

Duration: 19 Minutes

Lect # 5
Content Covered:

Sodiumbicarbonate test (NaHCO3), Test of phenols and enols , Test of nitro compounds , Test of amines , Hinseberg’s test , POC-II

Duration: 33 Minutes


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