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Lect # 1
Content Covered:

Electrochemical cell, Oxidation half cell, Reduction half cell, Galvanic cell

Duration: 1 hr 02 Minutes

Lect # 2
Content Covered:

Salt bridge, Daniel cell net cell reaction reaction Quotient cell representation relation between DG & E properties of DG & E,nernst equation

Duration: 44 Minutes

Lect # 3
Content Covered:

Spontaneity of reaction in cell, nernst equation cell at equilibrium, concentration cell. Hydrogen electrode and standard hydrogen electrode

Duration: 44 Minutes

Lect # 4
Content Covered:

Metal + insoluble salt + soluble anion type half cell Eg. Ag + AgCl + Cl–

Duration: 1 hr 15 Minutes

Lect # 5
Content Covered:

Calomel electrode, electrochemical series, thermodynamics for electrochemical cell, ????G, ????H, ????S

Duration: 59 Minutes

Lect # 6
Content Covered:

Electrolysis & electrolytic cell, electrolysis of nacl, nabr, H2SO4,H2O, first law of electrolysis Faraday law

Duration: 1 hr 11 Minutes

Lect # 7
Content Covered:

Examples of first law of faraday, second law of faraday

Duration: 51 Minutes

Lect # 8
Content Covered:

Primary cell ,leclanche cell, secondary cell, lead storage battery , Ni-Cd cell , H2-O2 fuel cell, electrolytic conduction

Duration: 50 Minutes

Lect # 9
Content Covered:

Molar conductivity, equivalent conductivity , relation between molar cond. And equv. Cond., kohlrausch law, calculation of molar cond using wheatstone bridge , relation between molar cond. And concentration for weak electrolyte and strong electrolyte ,huckel onsager equation

Duration: 54 Minutes

Lect # 10
Content Covered:

Ionic mobility, conductometric titration for strong acid V/s strong base , strong acid v/s weak base and other examples

Duration: 51 Minutes


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