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Lect # 1
Content Covered:

Energy band , valence band , conduction band , P type semi conductor and N type semi conductor , Holes , Doping

Duration: 31 Minutes

Lect # 2
Content Covered:

Motion of Holes , current in semiconductor , conductivity of semiconductor , mobility of holes and electrons

Duration: 21 Minutes

Lect # 3
Content Covered:

PN junction, biasing of PN junction, forward biased PN junction and Reversed biased PN junction, diffusion current and drift current, break down of PN junction diode, Zener and avalanche breakdown.

Duration: 35 Minutes

Lect # 4
Content Covered:

Uses of PN junction as Rectifier , half wave rectifier , full wave rectifier, transistor , PNP transistor and NPN transistor

Duration: 36 Minutes

Lect # 5
Content Covered:

Biasing of a transistor , basic transistor circuits , how transistor works? Uses of transistor as amplifier

Duration: 37 Minutes

Lect # 6
Content Covered:

Uses of transistor as switch and in LC oscillation circuit , digital electronics, number systems ,decimal and binary number system

Duration: 37 Minutes

Lect # 7
Content Covered:

Logic gates, Boolean expressions , OR gate , AND gate , NOT gate and truth table.

Duration: 28 Minutes

Lect # 8
Content Covered:

NOR gate , NAND gate and XOR gate

Duration: 23 Minutes


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